Wolfstreet report – is Bitcoin waard wat het waard zegt te zijn?

Wolfstreet report,Het Wolfstreet report van deze week behandelt het effect van de Everything Bubble. EenWolfstreet report Beurs & economie, Carmage, Carmageddonddon, Housing Bust, Wolf Richter 2

Het Wolfstreet report van deze week concentreert zich op de waarde van Bitcoin, en onderstreept dat het een luchtballon is die door blazers in stand gehouden wordt.

Duur: 11:17 min.

Publicatie 21 februari

Volledige transcriptie van dit Wolfstreet report

Bitcoin was trading at $57,000 when I recorded and posted the podcast on Sunday, February 21. Now, as I’m posting the transcript of that podcast, bitcoin is trading at $46,000. So the numbers in the podcast are a little off. But it makes one of my points.

By Wolf Richter. This is the transcript of my podcast last Sunday, THE WOLF STREET REPORT.

So bitcoin is trading at about 57,000 bucks at the moment. Its market cap is over $1 trillion. This glorious moment jogged my memory, so I dug up that old email. Back in August 2012, I was contacted via my website by some guy about bitcoin. At the time, bitcoin was at 10 bucks.

He wanted to buy my book and pay with bitcoin. So for the paperback, which sells for about 15 bucks on Amazon, he would have had to fork over 1 and a half bitcoin. So today, the proceeds from the sale of that paperback would be around 85,000 despised fiat dollars.

He called bitcoin a “monetary revolution.” He wrote, “There is a large and growing community of bitcoin users, who are migrating away from the dollar and euro, because those currencies are being inflated away to nothing.”

And he said, “The value of a bitcoin has doubled in the last 4 months.” Which is the monetary revolution, apparently, that money keeps doubling every few months.

He offered me a deal. If I listed my book on a site called CoinDL, he’d buy my book, and he said he would “recommend it on the bitcoin internet forums.” And then, on my site, I would need to encourage people to buy bitcoin. I would have to post my bitcoin address, ask for donations in bitcoin, etc. to let people know that I was endorsing bitcoin, and that I held bitcoin, so that they too would pile into it.

Maybe I could have sold one book to him, plus three more books to some other folks on the internet forums he frequented, four books in total, for six bitcoin in total. Today, those six bitcoin would have amounted to 342,000 despised fiat dollars.

What was striking about the deal he tried to draw me into: He offered to buy my book for bitcoin and help me sell a few more books for bitcoin, and in return I would leverage my site to hype bitcoin to my readers.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly how it worked universally, and even today the same principle is in effect, but now big players have jumped into it, and they quietly bought bitcoin, and then they used their global megaphones that the mainstream media amplified for all to see, and they hyped bitcoin, and it’s on the front of the mainstream media, and bitcoin has soared.

Buy and hype. This is the principle on which bitcoin has operated from day one. Everyone getting into it would become a hype artist. And there would be no metric by which its price could be judged. These two factors were the true genius behind bitcoin.

So obviously, I didn’t go for the deal. I didn’t need to participate in a “monetary revolution,” where the value doubles in four months.

This has nothing to do with monetary anything, but is a form of gambling that relies on ever more new gamblers entering the casino and bidding up the price, with more and more gamblers selling each other the bitcoin, all united in the singular purpose of driving up its price so that everyone could get rich.

The first part of this I understood back then: That this has nothing to do with monetary anything, but is a form of gambling. That was clearer than daylight.

The second part I didn’t fully understand: That this form of gambling relies on ever more new gamblers entering the casino and bidding up the price, and that it would be everyone’s job to draw in new gamblers, like a giant pyramid scheme.

And the third part I didn’t fully understand either at the time, but it has now been proven beyond a reasonable doubt: That all these gamblers in the casino are all united in the singular purpose of driving up the price so that everyone could get rich.

These gamblers would not bet against each other or against the house. They would enter into a special gamble where they all would be on the same side, where each would do what they could to drive up the price to make each other rich.

I told this guy – Brian was his name … are you out there, laughing off your butt, Brian? – So I told him: “Thanks for your interest in my book. At this point, I’m still hung up on the US dollar, while it lasts.”

After bitcoin came the other cryptos. There are now over 4,000 cryptos out there, including some that started out as a public joke. Anyone and their dog can start a crypto and hype it and hope to get some traction.

The whole crypto space combined now has a market cap of nearly $2 trillion. Over half of which is bitcoin.

Sure, it would have been nice today to sell my 6 bitcoin for 342,000 bucks to some hedge fund and wash my hands off it. But it’s unlikely that it would have ever gotten that far.

One scenario is this: The six bitcoin at the time would not have ranked high in my consciousness. We’re talking 60 bucks here. I would not have paid a lot of attention to it or worried about it or taken a lot of security measures to protect that $60-stash.

So I might have lost the password. This happened a lot, apparently, to early owners that had straggled into a few bitcoin. There is no hotline you can contact to request a new login. If you lose your password, the bitcoin are gone. For me, that might have been a realistic scenario.

The other scenario is that I would have sold the bitcoin as soon as their value reached some kind of critical amount, something that was worth jumping through hoops for. So if bitcoin hit a 1000 bucks, I might have sold.

There is almost no way that I would have held on till today. It’s totally illusory to think that I would have made $342,000, because I wouldn’t have. I would have either lost the password or sold the six bitcoin long ago. Or maybe a hacker would have stolen them.

I would have sold because bitcoin doesn’t represent ownership of anything other than of the digital entity, it’s not equity of a company or of real estate or of anything else. Bitcoin doesn’t produce anything. It doesn’t have a physical presence, such as gold has. Bitcoin doesn’t have revenues or earnings, and it doesn’t pay interest or dividends, and it doesn’t have any other metric by which to judge its value.

And that’s the key to its price.

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  1. Youp schreef:

    Een niet bijster intelligente tekst van een niet bijster intelligente man.
    Full disclosure: ik heb bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, cardano en C20, wat een index is in de vorm van een smart contract van de top20 cryptomunten. Dit is de 21e eeuw jongen. Stap eens naar binnen.

  2. Jantjeuitnederland schreef:

    1. Als het internet uitvalt, en daar wordt door Gates mee gedreigd, dan heb je niets meer aan de BC of wat voor coin dan ook.
    2. Die coins zijn er voor algehele controle. Elke- aan en verkoop is terug te vinden.
    De versleuteling is, binnenkort, of is al, niets meer waard gezien de grote stappen die gezet worden op het gebied van quantum computers.
    Er is, sinds 2016 al een 2000 bit computer van D-Wave. Volgens mij heb je genoeg aan een 60 bit computer om het moeilijkste algoritme eenvoudig te kraken.

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