Wolf Richter: my views on financial and property markets and the economy in the age of Trump & the new FED

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Nu de FED formeel heeft verklaard voornemens te zijn de QE-financiering f te bouwen, wordt de vraag wat de gevolgen zullen zijn. Wolf Richter heeft een hoopvolle visie.

I admit this may be wishful thinking because I don’t want to see another huge crash with credit freezing up all over the world.

Your look ahead is for rates to rise gradually; my thought was more apocalyptic,” Max Keiser tells me on the Keiser Report. “But in your view, the responsible, the guy people go to for the responsible look at things — so your view is that rates will gradually move higher and that we’ll start to see asset prices reverse and maybe enter what we might call a secular bear market, so stocks and bonds and property are entering a five- to ten-year down turn. Your thoughts,” he asked me.

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Publicatie 10 maart