Macro-financial policies in an international financial centre

Goud, Macro-financial policies

Hebben de macro-financial policies die in een financieel centrum worden gehanteerd hun invloed ook elders, en vice versa?

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Since the GFC the UK has used innovative macroprudential and monetary policy tools to maintain stability. But the UK is an international financial centre, and so does this policy framework create spillovers in other places, and do influences from elsewhere affect stability in the UK? Yes and yes, says Thorsten Beck.

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Beck, T, Lloyd, S, Reinhardt, D and Sowerbutts, R. 2022. ‘Macro-financial policy in an international financial centre: the United Kingdom experience since the global financial crisis. CEPR

Duur:  19:17 min.

Publicatie 4 februari

Professor of Financial Stability and Director, Florence School of Banking and Finance, EUI; CEPR Research Fellow