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Lagondablogger schreef een (Engelstalige) twitterserie over Russiagate en de twee mogelijkheden die overgebleven zijn om dit groeiende schandaal te bezien.

When it comes to considering the whole Trump-Clinton-muh-Russia-story, there are basically two scenario’s to choose from: first there is scenario A, in which Clinton serves as a prime hub in the Old Boys Network.

Scenario A
Clinton is well connected, her hubby is an ex-president, she’s got lots of money (Clinton Foundation) and power, and she and her many friends at the top (investors, bankers, politicians, media moguls, CEO’s etc.) represent The Establishment (aka Deep State). She serves as a political safeguard for an intricate network of shared interests, run by people whose first priority is the protection and furthering of these interests.

To these people, politics and politicians are a pain in the ass, because they don’t want their projects and interests being jeopardized by something as fickle and out of control as “the will of the people”. And this is how the modus operandi of the Clintons has taken shape over the years: they keenly position themselves between politics and other networks, and they sell political influence to the highest bidder. Pay-to-play. This is why Clinton consistently shows no real policies or political principles; depending on her audience, she is highly in favor of, or very against, eh…, anything.

When Trump appeared in the political arena, The Establishment got nervous. Normally, the Establishment bets on candidates on *both* sides, but outsider Trump clearly had his own agenda, and was not open for business. A true independent force. So, all of a sudden, there was only one option left for The Establishment: Clinton *had* to win. The interests that needed protection were *too* big and the corruption that needed further cover *too* odious. This *should not* fail. The Establishment pulled all the stops, trying to make sure the election would be a shoe-in for Clinton. Hence the unending barrage of lies, slander and filth that Trump had to endure over the last three years.

But, the Establishment just wasn’t sure, could not be sure. Clinton was not a strong candidate, too many alternative media reached too many potential voters with their pro-Trump narrative, and the polls didn’t look sufficiently convincing. They needed a backup plan. They needed to make sure Trump would never ever become president. But he was out of their reach, out of their control. A way in was needed.

They just *had* to know what Trump was up to, *had* to know whether there was *anything* they could use to kneecap him. And so, they conjured up this little plan: let’s find a way to spy on him and his campaign! When you’re sitting on top of the world, operating in a network where other government officials are the people you party with, enjoy your holidays with, or maybe even grew up with, it becomes all too easy to ask for “special favors”.

Other government officials are equally pressured to go along. Or maybe they really feel entitled to take advantage of the system “for the good of the country”. Anyway, they found a way to spy on Trump – and so they did – thinking Clinton would win anyway. They felt safe doing so, because if Clinton won, no-one was going to find out. Therefore they created a fake “Russian narrative” (latching onto the anti-Putin sentiment that had already been part of Clinton’s political vocabulary for years), and used it to spy on Trump.

However, Trump won! They completely misjudged their grip on the public narritive and how impotent the MSM has become. Now, there was only one option left to them: to delegitimize Trump’s presidency. Since they had already compiled a fake dossier on Trump being a Russian stooge anyway, why not throw that in the media? What was good enough for the FISA-court surely must be good enough for the sheeple?

Since there was still the ability to spy on Trump, who knows what we might find on him to support the Russia-narrative? Nah, it’s just a matter of time before we can nail him, impeach him, and throw him out.

Then the MSM – still fully compliant -went along for the ride. And now they are in *so* deep, backpeddling is not an option anymore. They have committed themselves to this narrative, and will try and keep it airborne to the bitter end. This became scenario A for now. Some of it is conjecture, but many statements can be backed by proof. It’s all in the WikiLeaks. Clinton’s political opinion *IS* inconsistent. Her pay-to-play-schemes *DO* exist. There *WAS* a lot of collusion between the DNC and the MSM. And, the WikiLeaks *SHOW* the DNC contemplating if they should accuse Trump of being a Russian stooge.

Scenario B
Now for scenario B. This is the scenario that the MSM (who are in bed with Clinton) and Clinton (who lost the election) and her network of predators (whose interests are suddenly at stake) want you to believe. This scenario states that Donald Trump, epitome of the American Dream, who has the US and all it stands for to thank for his success, is in reality somehow a brainwashed Manchurian candidate; a Russian sleeper cell.

This scenario wants you to believe that Trump embedded himself in the fabric of the US under false pretences, only *pretending* to be a real estate mogul, while actually being mind-controlled by Putin to turn the US into a fascist state. He did so by lowering taxes, sorting out migration issues, repairing the economy, re-negotiate trade-deals, create lots of new jobs, and protect and further the interests of the US and its people. And by — oh, such a heinous masterstroke! — trying to root out corruption from the government by trying the enforce the rule of law, which will result in years of complicated investigations and years more of even more complicated litigation.Because, as everyone knows, *THAT* is how aspiring power-hungry dictators always go for the jugular! By patiently waiting for years on the outcome of a myriad of highly technical court cases. Right out of Putin’s playbook!

So this is scenario B. Of which I would like to remind you that *NOT AN IOTA OF A SHRED OF A MORSEL OF PROOF* has surfaced to back this up. Not after 2 years of illegal spying on Trump, and not after 1 year of Mueller’s investigation.

That’s where we are now, folks. These are scenario A and scenario B. I’m not even going to argue which of the two is ever so slightly more plausible, because you have to be either out of your mind or as dumb as a rock to even *consider* scenario B to be true.

So, use your brain. Always use your brain.

Dit artikel verscheen eerder op Twitter via deze draad.

Het memo vindt u HIER, onze eerste vooruitblik voor het moment van publicatie vindt u HIER

Meer over The Memo, Russiagate, USA2016, de Deep State en Trump lezen vanuit andere bronnen dan de bevooroordeelde verhalen van NOS en RTL??

4 reacties

  1. Cool Pete schreef:

    Om die twee scenario’s geef ik niks. Die laten alleen maar zien, hoe corrupt het
    linkse politieke bedrijf en de instituties [ en de media ] zijn.

    De voor-laatste alinea, die is belangrijk:
    “Not an iota of a shred of a morsel of PROOF has surfaced [ to back any allegations
    against [ President ] Donald Trump ]. Not after 2 years of illegal spying on Trump,
    not after 1 year’s of Mueller’s investigation”.
    Hier gaat het om !

    Het Department of Justice, moet ALLE overtreders vervolgen: van laag tot hoog !

  2. Voight-Kampff schreef:

    Ik houd nog steeds in gedachten dat Rutte tijdens de campagne voor de USA presidentsverkiezingen de zijde koos van Clinton, terwijl daartoe vanuit het perspectief van het algemeen Nederlands belang geen aanleiding was! Dat hij dit toch heeft gedaan heeft een reden, welke op een dag duidelijk zal worden.

    Overigens staat die clown Rutte nu te beweren dat Trump de leider van de vrije wereld is. Een schaamteloze vlerk als mp van Nederland.

  3. Cool Pete schreef:

    @Voight-Kampff: de verklaring is even simpel als verderfelijk:
    Maark is, net als Hellary een postmoderne globalist.
    [ En werd er op ongeoorloofde wijze aan die kandidate gedoneerd en gesteund. ]
    Toen dat mislukte, ging de horror-clown opeens de wel gekozen president
    zogenaamd “steunen”: met de valse bedoeling, die weer voor alle kosten
    op te laten draaien: NATO, UNO, handels-verdragen, internationale politiek,
    geo-politiek evenwicht, enz.
    Is Maark een goede oplichter, of niet ? Valser kan niet.

  4. Voight-Kampff schreef:

    @ Cool Pete.

    Eens. Denk zelf ook in de richting van een netwerk:
    AIVD > Minister Bin. Z > Koningshuis > NPL > Novamedia > Clinton Foundation > Democrats > NWO.

    Ter onderbouwing het artikel van Syp Wynia:

    De Nationale Postcode Loterij (NPL) heeft even > €25 mio gedoneerd aan de Clinton Foundation. En ik ga ervan uit dat onze nationale loterij dat niet zelf bedacht heeft. Dit is best een onderzoekje in Nederland waard als straks de staatsgreep in de USA is aangetoond.

    Noot: dezelfde AIVD van het regentennetwerk beschikt straks wellicht over een sleepnetwet. Het is zeer beangstigend zowel persoonlijk als voor de rechtsstaat. Het is toch van de gekke dat ik er rekening mee moet houden dat ik best wel eens door die AIVD opgepakt en meegenomen kan worden voor een verhoor, terwijl ik slechts pleit voor enige menselijke waardigheid en een functionele rechtsstaat.

    Wat denk je, zou de AIVD ook martelen of zijn ze daar te beschaafd voor?