Rickards over goud – Here’s How to Crack the Code on Gold


Altijd komt in tijden van onzekerheid het onderwerp ‘goud’ terug. In hoeverre het nog steeds de basis van alle geld is? Veel mensen komen in ieder geval maar niet van het idee af. Dit interview met Wallstreet-veteraan Jim Rickards geeft in ieder geval tips hoe komende tijd zaken die met goud in verband staan te bekijken.

Jim Rickards joined Kitco News and Daniela Cambone to discuss the latest news and analysis from gold markets, geopolitics and even bitcoin. The Wall Street veteran took on the bigger picture facing metals investors and what could be just around the corner in a bubbling market.

When asked why certain geopolitical tensions have greater impacts on gold and hard assets than others Rickards remarked, “There are two things going on, first is that the North Korean missile threat goes from high tension to back down again. This is a very serious threat and we are headed for war with North Korea. While I don’t know what it will take to not just get gold to go up but stocks and other sectors, ultimately markets are going to be impacted.”

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Duur: 6:13

Interview gepubliceerd op 30 augustus