The Birth of the Austrian School of economics

Austrian economics

Inleidende lezing van Joseph T. Salerno bij het begin van de Mises University Summer School eind juli 2016 over het begin van Austrian Economics.

Over Mises University Summer School is het mogelijk het best een deelnemer aan het woord te laten:

In a world dominated by the Progressive Left and a rapidly increasing trend toward socialism, the case for capitalist anarchism should easily fall under the umbrella of conservative “limited government” principles. It is worth mentioning, though, that the Mises Institute is not an anarchist organization; it is an economic one. The namesake of the institute, Ludwig von Mises, was certainly not an anarchist. He was, as the title of Jörg Guido Hülsmann’s great book on Mises asserts, a liberal, in the classical sense.

The Institute is a welcome place for ideologues of all stripes, from the left to the right and those who fall outside the political spectrum, as many of its faculty do. But as the world moves increasingly in a socialist and totalitarian direction, there is no building on the planet that at any given time holds as many intellectual powerhouses making an argument in favor of virtues that most conservatives hold dear: free market capitalism and its corollary of a limited government. Now more than ever, friends of these ideas need to arm ourselves with the intellectual ammunition to combat the destructive ideas of socialism, and there is no better place for young (or old) conservatives to do this than the Mises Institute and its annual Mises University.

Verdere informatie vindt u hier. Komende tijd zullen we hier nog meerdere lectures uit de serie van 2016 laten zien.

Duur: 46:48 min