Recessie? – “The Next Big Thing” – “Crises Happen When We Believe There Is No Risk”


Crises ontstaan door problemen met hoog gewaardrerde en als weinig risicovol beschouwde beleggingen. Daniel Lacalle hield de keynote speech op  de “The Next Big Thing” Bloomberg-conferentie. met als titel: “Crises Happen When We Believe There Is No Risk”

Met de cruciale zin: You don’t accumulate assets you perceive as being a high risk.

Duur 17:46

Publicatie 22 oktober

This is a video excerpt from my keynote speech at the Bloomberg annual conference “The Next Big Thing”.

In it, I comment:

  • The saturation of demand-side policies.
  • Why do we call “uncertain” events that are quite certain
  • How crises happen when we think there is no risk.
  • The lon-term trend for the economy
  • Positive things to consider: Technology, longevity, growth in the middle class.

I hope you like it. Polite comments welcome.