Podcast about Crypto – met Charles Hugh Smith

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Een interview met Charles Hugh Smith over cryptobetaalmiddelen en hoe dat internationaal op elkaar in werkt.

Charles Hugh Smith is a thought provoking author who runs the “Of Two Minds” blog since May 2005 as a side project of self-expression, and in an unpredictable twist of evolutionary incaution, that project has ballooned into a website with about 3,500 pages that has drawn almost 60 million page views. The site’s primary asset may well be the extensive global network of friends and correspondents I draw upon for intelligence and analysis. The blog is #7 in CNBC’s top alternative financial sites, and is republished on numerous popular sites such as Zero Hedge, Financial Sense, and David Stockman’s Contra Corner. I am frequently interviewed by alternative media personalities such as Max Keiser, and am a contributing writer on Charles himself says “Measured in terms of money I am not rich, but measured in friendships, health and output, I feel very wealthy indeed. I like my work and feel there is purpose in the blog’s independent critiques of the Status Quo and in the positive view I have of the next iteration of our economy and society.”

Listen to today’s episode of Bit About Crypto with David James where Charles gives a most interesting take on how crypto and crypto currency should support the worker for “ones labor.” Hear this fascinating thinker and change your paradigm.

Duur: 56:17 min.

Publicatie 28 november

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