EU denktank Brueghel – China, wetenschap en techniek

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EU denktank Brueghel kijkt naar de Chinese inspanningen op het gebied van wetenschap en techniek. Hoe ver is men in China ondertussen eigenlijk?

Duur: 40:43 min.

Publicatie 6 april

How much has China progressed technologically?

China is investing heavily in science and technology: from 2011 to 2021, internal R&D spending jumped from 869 billion to 2.79 trillion Yuan. What has been the effect of this increase, and is it commensurate with the amount of spending? Giuseppe Porcaro sits down with Alicia Garcia-Herrero, Reinhilde Veuglers and Naubahar Sharif, to discuss the innovation system in China, the strengths and weaknesses of its state-led R&D strategy, and what lies ahead for the international situation where geopolitics seems to overshadow cooperation.

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