Mises over een (semi?)-almachtige overheid

Ludwg von Mises
Ludwg von Mises

Ludwig von Mises publiceerde in 1944 een boek over de economisch-totalitaire kanten van het nazisme en de instorting van Duits liberalisme.

In 1944 Ludwig von Mises published Omnipotent Government, his historical treatment of Nazism and its origins in the collapse of German liberalism. This book expands on earlier works like Nation, State, and Economy and Liberalism, applying their analysis to the terrible events of WWII. Europe was up in flames, but Mises skillfully explains how to defeat the total state and its advocates.

Professor Matt McCaffrey joins the show to consider this vital book and its absolute relevance today. Everyone interested in peace should read it, and send a copy to a politician who needs it.

Read or listen to the book for free here, or enter code HAPOD in our bookstore for $5 off the hardcover edition.

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Publicatie 31 mei

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  1. Cool Pete schreef:

    Ludwig von Mises : een ECHTE economisch denker.Heel belangrijk.

    Het corporatisme van Nazi-Duitsland, zien we terug in dat “EU+-konstrukt.