Economics For Entrepreneurs – Peter Klein on Entrepreneurial Empathy

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Economics For Entrepreneurs

Economics For Entrepreneurs is een (Mises)-serie speciaal voor ondernemers om hun bedrijf succesvoller te maken. Hunter Hastings spreekt met Peter Klein over Entrepreneurial Empathy.

Today we talk with Peter Klein about empathy—a critical tool in the entrepreneur’s toolbox. It’s through empathy that entrepreneurs can get into the customer’s mind, understand and identify their needs and wants from their perspective and in their perception. This is the skill that enables the design of new products, new services, new systems and new solutions. If the entrepreneur has exercised empathy well, the chances of success in the design process are high for the customer to say, “Yes! That’s what I need!” Is empathy a difficult skill to master? Not really. We all have it to some degree. It needs to be applied with a combination of subtlety and discipline.

Empathy is a skill we learn from childhood. We’re taught as kids, when we say or do something that might be unkind or upsetting to another person, to “think about how they must feel”. The vernacular is to “walk in their shoes”. It’s the same essential skill we apply as entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs need to master the skill for an audience that might not be in their social circle and with whom they may not be familiar. You may be selling to car buyers, or cooking enthusiasts, or sports fans, or the procurement officer at a client. This kind of empathy is a little bit less natural and a little bit more learned.

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Publicatie 19 maart

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