“Act Now and Lock in” these Deposit Rates: Banking Cat-Fight Breaks Out Like We Haven’t Seen in Over 10 Years – Wolf Richter

The Fed has left the room.
Now banks are sending me expensive fliers in the mail, offering higher rates on deposits, trying to attract my money. This goes way beyond the fliers I’ve been getting for years that offer a one-time bonus for putting a big chunk of money into an account that earns no interest. The photo below is part of a three-section glossy cardboard foldout that I got in the mail. It says that these rates are exclusively available at the local branch. To get this deal, I’d have to go there so they can stare into the whites of my eyes.

“Act now and lock in these competitive rates,” it says. I added the blue marks:


Union Bank, which is offering this, is not huge, with a little over $110 billion in assets. But it’s a storied San Francisco bank founded just after the Gold Rush. It still counts as a local bank, but it’s now owned by Japanese mega-bank Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group.

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