Daniel Lacalle: A Spanish Libertarian on Catalonië


Niet alle vrijheidsdenkers vinden onafhankelijkheid voor Catalonië een goed idee. Deze interessante discussie met een Spaanse Libertariër gaat over wat je bij afscheiding verwachten moet.

Daniel Lacalle, a Spanish economist and libertarian who runs Mises Hispano, joins Jeff Deist for an in-depth discussion of the facts behind the Catalan independence vote. Daniel makes the case against secession, based on economics, history, constitutionalism, anti-socialism, and his strong view that independence would result in less freedom for Catalans. Jeff disagrees, arguing for self-determination as a fundamental libertarian political principle that contemplates freedom to choose even bad political arrangements. Don’t miss this show if you want to understand what is happening in Catalonia beyond the headlines.

Duur: 36:46

Publicatie 5 oktober

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